【 "MarketAnalyzer" GIS for area marketing and trade area analysis | Case Study】

The introduction of “MarketAnalyzer,” an area marketing and trade area analysis GIS, improved the accuracy of sales forecasting, thereby reducing unnecessary costs and enabling cost control. In addition, visualization of the distribution area for insert flyers has improved distribution efficiency by 1.3 times.

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【 Summary 】

 Belluna Co., Ltd. has “enriching customers’ lives through clothing, food, housing, and recreation” as its management philosophy, and sells apparel, interior goods, household goods, food, wine, cosmetics, supplements, and other items for each generation under the slogan “customer-oriented and customer-focused.
 Store-based sales are highly anticipated, as they allow the company to build a closer relationship with customers and plan and sell store-specific items that incorporate trends as quickly as possible. However, where to open stores is very important. Therefore, they were looking for a tool that would enable them to make sales forecasts with high accuracy. Therefore, they called and requested information from all companies handling sales forecasting tools via the Internet and introduced “MarketAnalyzer” after evaluating the large number of companies using it, its ease of use, and its excellent support system.
 In fact, when they actually used the tool, they found that it is structured in such a way that anyone who can understand basic Excel operations can operate it without any problems, and even if they do not understand an operation, they appreciate the helpdesk support that provides accurate answers.
 Since the introduction of the tool, the company has been using it for sales forecasting and promotions. The improved accuracy of sales forecasting has resulted in fewer shortages and reduced distribution costs. The company has also become more efficient in scheduling employee and part-time shifts, and has been able to control expenses. In promotions, the company mainly uses the system to select areas for leaflet inserts. The MarketAnalyzer visualizes the location of rivers and roads, as well as the volume of households, and allows them to visually confirm the areas where the flyers should be distributed. There were many areas that could not be done by hand or were inefficient, but the system has made it easier to streamline/visualize area selection, and they are now steadily analyzing distribution areas in-house, one store at a time, while also borrowing the knowledge of the advertising agency for inserts, and distribution efficiency has increased by about 1.2 to 1.3 times.

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