【 Sales representative service by women | Case Study】

Differentiated itself from other security services by introducing a sales representative service provided by a female sales representative. Rescheduling is extremely rare, and business negotiation efficiency has been improved.

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【 Summary 】

SPTOOM Corporation is a general security company headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan, with a wide range of business activities including machine guarding, guarding, traffic guidance, event security, time parking cash transportation management, suspicious person response, guards, and bodyguards.
 As the company expanded its market share, it faced a lack of resources. Originally, the company did not have a sales team, and is currently in the process of starting up the organization itself and creating a framework. As a result, the company is relying on sales support and agency companies to provide the missing resources. In addition, the company felt that the security industry’s unique sales style was a problem, so it wanted to create a general style of sales.
 They are currently working with four companies for sales outsourcing, and one of the reasons they selected g-wic Co., Ltd. is that they always meet their commitment of six cases per month. In addition, there are very few cases of rescheduling, and they feel that g-wic is the best of the four companies in terms of creating an environment in which they can sit down and discuss business. Furthermore, since the industry is predominantly male-dominated, the company feels that it has the advantage of being able to differentiate itself by having a female sales representative conduct the sales process.

Detail of the article:https://g-wic.jp/voice/115

Service provider : g-wic Co.,Ltd.
Service user : SPTOOM Corp.

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