【 "LoopGate" web and video conferencing system | Case Study】

The constant connection between sites with the LoopGate videoconferencing system created communication between sites and revitalized the company!

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【 Summary 】

 LandArt Inc. manufactures and wholesales surveying, recording, environmental, weather, testing equipment, and safety supplies.
 The company has its headquarters and its own warehouse in Kagoshima, and sales offices in Hiroshima and Osaka, but because only certain people travel between the headquarters and sales offices, other employees did not get together unless there was an annual event such as a kick-off party or the anniversary of the company’s founding. To improve this situation, the company representative wanted to deepen communication between the head office and the sales offices by using a remote conferencing system to connect the remote sales offices online at all times. The coronavirus made it difficult for him to visit the sales offices, and he began to consider the possibility of using a videoconferencing system to provide a constant connection. “LoopGate” is a videoconferencing system that is designed to provide a constant connection and two-way conversation and communication, so it did not have the image of a surveillance camera like other companies’ products, and they decided to install it after experiencing a demo.
 What surprised them about LoopGate was its ability to automatically adjust the communication quality of other locations according to the communication status of a particular location when the communication status is poor. They found this to be a good feature because even if images are temporarily rough, it does not affect communication much.
 After the system was introduced, it was no longer necessary to temporarily close the Hiroshima and Osaka sales offices during company-wide gatherings. In addition, the ability to see each other’s faces and communicate with each other has created a sense of security and made it easier to remember the faces of new employees.

Detail of the article:https://loopgate.jp/cases/c-land-art/

Service provider : GINGA SYSTEM CO.,LTD.
Service user : LandArt Inc.

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