【 MobiControl, an MDM (mobile device management) specialized for business use | Case Study】

Implemented MobiControl, an MDM specialized for business use, to improve security and operational management efficiency. And remote operation functions have also been utilized to improve serviceability.

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【 Summary 】

 Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. was considering introducing a paperless system for information materials and required documents, as well as a new colloquial translation system for overseas customers, to further improve customer service and operational efficiency. The company was also considering updating its seat reservation status confirmation system and providing all of these services on a single terminal. In considering these issues, the company thought that device management was essential from the standpoints of security and operational management, so it searched for an MDM product that could solve the issues it was facing in device management and introduced Penetrate of Limits Co., Ltd.’s MobiControl, an MDM specialized for business use.
 The remote wipe function was essential to eliminate the risk of external leakage due to tablet theft, and MobiControl was equipped with a remote wipe function that could be used immediately. The remote operation function, automatic distribution of applications with a configurable distribution start time, and the ability to synchronize files after tablets have been distributed to multiple work sites decided to introduce MobiControl as a no-brainer.
 With the introduction of MDM, when application updates or file changes are necessary, the system automatically installs them at night, and the updates can be completed by the first train of the next morning. In addition, the seat reservation status confirmation system uses a file collection function to periodically collect operation logs to manage who performed what operations, and when there are inquiries about operation methods or requests for troubleshooting, the remote operation function can be used to respond as if the user terminal were at hand, and they feel this function is very convenient.

Detail of the article:https://pol-japan.co.jp/products/mobicontrol/case/odakyu/#

Service provider : Penetrate of Limits Co.,Ltd.
Service user : Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

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