【 "Smart Mat Cloud", inventory management system | Case Study】

With the introduction of SmartMat Cloud, the company realized a 12-hour reduction in inventory time per month. In addition, man-hours related to missing items and orders were reduced and remotely automated for each department.

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【 Summary 】

 Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. is widely expanding its industrial equipment business, including the manufacture of industrial motors and air compressors, and contributing to the development of industrial and social infrastructure through the provision of products, services, and solutions.
 The company had been manually counting a huge number of parts during monthly inventories, which placed a heavy burden on the work site. With approximately 6,000 parts in the warehouse, it was not practical to conduct a monthly inventory of all items. Therefore, a circular inventory was conducted once a month, in which a range of items was determined, and inventories were taken in turn. To save labor and expand the scope of inventory, the company began looking for a tool that would make inventory taking easier, which is when it began to consider improving parts management. At that time, they learned about SmartMat Cloud and decided to introduce it.
 After about three months of testing, the company concluded that the introduction of SmartMat was effective, and proceeded with full-scale implementation, with 205 SmartMats currently installed. When considering the introduction of smart mats, the company was also considering the introduction of RFID, but smart mats were better from the perspective of the labor required to attach and remove tags and the running costs.
 After introducing the smart mats, the company realized a labor savings of 720 minutes (12 hours) per month. As a result, the areas managed by the Smart Mat can now be included in the monthly inventory, expanding the number of items subject to inventory. In addition, after the introduction of the smart mats, a shortage alert e-mail is sent to the process and procurement departments when the inventory count falls below a threshold value, so that the departments can grasp the shortage in advance by receiving the notification e-mail before picking work, thereby eliminating the need to check the actual items frequently daily.

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Service provider : SmartShopping, Inc.
Service user : Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

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