【 "tebiki", Cloud Video Education System | Case Study】

Introduced tebiki, a cloud-based video training system, to streamline training of new employees. Ace employees spend less time teaching directly, reducing lost sales opportunities.

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【 Summary 】

 The Olympic Group Corporation operates dozens of specialty stores, discount stores, and supermarkets mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area with a variety of store styles and unique product lineups based on the concept of “good products at lower prices”.
 The company was facing a number of issues with on-site training, such as the lack of a set training procedure and the fact that it took years to become a full-fledged worker. Meat processing requires a high level of skill and involves a complex process to create a certain shape. Basically, it takes six years to become a full-fledged craftsman, and skills can only be developed through practice. It was difficult to find a way to ensure the number of times these skills were practiced, and the training for newcomers was limited to low-priced materials. Therefore, the company decided to improve efficiency by introducing tebiki, a cloud video training system.
 Since the system was introduced, it is being used as a review tool not only for training new employees but also for mid-level staff. The OJT is still being conducted as before. And the staff repeatedly review their work on tebiki with tablets placed at the work site. However, the ability to review tebiki videos has reduced the number of OJT sessions and eliminated the need to cut the raw materials many times. Although it is still a process of trial and error, they feel that they can cut in half the six years required to become a full-fledged professional.

Detail of the article:https://tebiki.jp/case/olympicfd.html

Service provider : Tebiki, Inc.
Service user : Olympic Group Corporation

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