【 "WinActor®" RPA tool for business systems | Case Study】

By introducing WinActor®, an RPA tool for business systems, the company was able to reduce costs by the equivalent of three full-time personnel, allowing them to work on higher value-added tasks such as data analysis.

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【 Summary 】

  ISHIDA CO., LTD. was founded in 1893 as Japan’s first private scale manufacturer and has now evolved into a system solution manufacturer that can cover all processes of production, logistics, and distribution, based on the weighing technology it has developed over the years and operates in over 100 countries.
 The company’s accounting section was spending an enormous amount of time each month processing vouchers. Since the slips were on paper, the information was manually entered into a terminal, thereby making it impossible to reduce human error to zero. The company then had its Information Systems Department build a workflow system to digitize the business process and greatly reduce the number of man-hours involved, but some manual input work remained when linking data between systems. Therefore, they thought that further business efficiency could be achieved by introducing RPA, which was beginning to attract attention at the time, to automate the data linkage between the workflow system and the core system. And then, they knew the Nippon Software Knowledge corp., which handles “WinActor®,” an RPA tool for business systems. When they tried out “WinActor®”, they found the operation visually and intuitively easy to understand, and they felt comfortable with the follow-up system, which was the deciding factor in their decision to introduce the tool.
 The introduction of RPA enabled the Sales Administration Department to reduce costs by the equivalent of three full-time personnel and to use the time created to work on higher value-added tasks, such as data analysis. In addition, human errors, such as input errors, were eliminated, and the quality of operations was improved.

Detail of the article:https://www.nihonsoft.co.jp/winactor/casestudy/

Service provider : Nippon Software Knowledge corp.
Service user : ISHIDA CO.,LTD.

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