【 The groupware "desknet's NEO" | Case Study】

The groupware “desknet’s NEO” was introduced to streamline information sharing and application work throughout the hotel.

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【 Summary 】

 PLATON HOTEL YOKKAICHI is a city hotel in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, with many business guests. The hotel has also established a co-working space within the hotel to produce a place for business model development, business creation, and collaboration.
 The hotel is pursuing high-quality service and hospitality through paperless, digital transformation, and business transformation, and is challenging business creation with a view to the future of the hotel business.
 Although a state-of-the-art system had been introduced to manage reservations and promoted digital transformation, information sharing was still centered on paper and e-mail. The annual schedule was also managed in Excel, which was then fed into individual schedule books, etc., but in doing so, transcription errors were occurring. In order to improve the information-sharing environment, the company turned its attention to cloud-based multi-functional groupware.
 In selecting groupware, the company chose desknet’s NEO because of its rich functionality and decided to continue using it after evaluating its cost and ease of use in line with its utilization requirements.
 After the introduction of this groupware, the workflow function was mainly utilized to ensure that applications and other forms are issued, applied for, and approved smoothly and strictly. In addition, the use of the scheduling function has made it easier to check company-wide and staff schedules and has been effective in notifying and sharing work deadlines.

Detail of the article:https://www.desknets.com/neo/casestudy/12169/

Service provider : NEOJAPAN Inc.

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