【 Web application development platform "CELF" | Case Study】

Profitability forecasting and management, which used to be managed in Excel and totaled once a month by e-mail, has been greatly improved with the web application development platform “CELF”! Now the data can be checked in real-time, reducing the time and effort of email tallying!

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【 Summary 】

 MicroMates Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive solution services in the three areas of “user retention support”, “manual creation”, and “contact center”, as IT support. The company decided to improve the profit budget control, which had been complicated by the fact that it had always been managed by Excel.
 The company had been managing the profit budget control for each department in separate Excel files and had been receiving, tabulating, and managing the data by exchanging e-mails with the person in charge of each department, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Not only that, the data was compiled once a month, making it impossible to see real-time data.
 The company then adopted CELF, a web application development platform provided by SCSK Corporation. Because the application has an Excel-like feel and can be developed without the need for specialized knowledge, the company was able to design and start using the application in a short period of time (68.5 hours). After its introduction, they were concerned about whether CELF would be utilized in the field, but since the UI is similar to Excel and can be copied and pasted directly from Excel, it has smoothly penetrated the company.
 With the introduction of CELF, data that previously had to be collected once a month via e-mail can now be instantly compiled simply by having the person in charge of each department input the data via the Web on a daily basis.

Detail of the article:https://www.celf.biz/case_news/micromates/

Service provider : SCSK Corporation
Service user : MicroMates Co.,Ltd.

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