【 The construction industry's digital daily report and attendance management system "Nippo365" | Case Study】

The introduction of the construction industry’s digital daily report and attendance management system “Nippo365” has resulted in a reduced workload for field staff, enabled real-time progress monitoring by management, and ultimately led to an improvement in project quality.

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This is an image from the case study page of OAK INFORMATION SYSTEM CORPORATION's Nippo365, which was introduced by Ohtani Sogyoh Co., Ltd.

【 Summary 】

 Ohtani Sogyoh Co., Ltd., based in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, conducts temporary scaffolding installation work and temporary material rentals nationwide. The company conducts safety inspections and deterioration inspections for all temporary materials and is committed to educating its employees.
 Due to the use of paper-based daily reports, the company faced challenges such as field staff spending time creating reports, managers taking time to understand progress, and data accuracy not being guaranteed. To address these challenges, the company decided to introduce “Nippo365”.
 After introducing Nippo365, field staffs were able to easily create daily reports on-site using a smartphone app, reducing their workload. Real-time progress monitoring enabled managers to ensure smooth project progress. Moreover, using digital data instead of paper-based reports ensured accuracy and allowed for precise planning modification and improvement, resulting in improved project quality. In addition, as field supervisors were previously required to submit paper reports to the office every ten days, this process was simplified to just uploading image data, eliminating the travel time required for report submission.

Detail of the article:https://www.oakis.co.jp/np365/case/ohtani/

Service user : Ohtani Sogyoh Co., Ltd.

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