【 Cloud-based workflow system "MAJOR FLOW Z CLOUD | Case Study】

The introduction of the cloud-based workflow system “MAJOR FLOW Z CLOUD” enabled the creation of application forms without the need for specialized knowledge, and improved overall work efficiency, including telework.

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【 Summary 】

Video Research Ltd. contributes to society by delivering the best and most accurate information to consumers while contributing to sound business practices in the advertising and media industries. The company was established in 1962 as the only research organization in Japan to provide TV rating data. Since then, the company has been supporting companies in solving their marketing issues with cutting-edge data from various media and marketing data.
The company faced the following challenges
1. To promote the shift of its internal system to the cloud for greater convenience.
2. Creating application forms requires advanced knowledge, and the work is concentrated on a single employee.
3. infrequently used application forms are still on paper and have not been digitized.
To solve these issues, the company decided to implement a cloud service that anyone can use, that eliminates the need for a specialist, and that can be integrated with SharePoint Online. After comparing multiple cloud workflows, the decision was made to implement MAJOR FLOW Z CLOUD, which was superior in terms of ease of form creation and processing, which were the most important factors.
After the introduction of this service, the genus of application form creation was eliminated, and even employees without programming knowledge were able to create good-looking forms. In addition, the previous system, which required Excel to operate, can now be operated as long as the user has access to a browser, improving convenience and making it possible to accommodate teleworkers.

Detail of the article:https://www.majorflowz.com/donyu/video_research/

Service provider : Panasonic Net Solutions Co.,Ltd
Service user : Video Research Ltd.

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