【 Salesforce screen development (sales support) | Case Study】

SkyVisualEditor, a Salesforce screen development tool, was introduced to significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage sales data.

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【 Summary 】

Transcosmos inc. introduced Salesforce to improve the efficiency and productivity of its sales activities.
However, with the standard specification, it was difficult to create and manage multiple negotiation data for each order in Salesforce, and as the number of development points increased, the time and effort required for sales staff to manage the data increased. The company had introduced a tool to customize Salesforce and now introduced SkyVisualEditor from TerraSky Co., Ltd.
After starting screen development with SkyVisualEditor, development man-hours were reduced by approximately 50% compared to the previous tool, and maintainability was also greatly improved.
The modifications made this time enabled the linkage between Salesforce and the core system and improved the efficiency of sales data management. The number of registered business meetings decreased by 60~70% as a result of this modification, even though the number of business meetings has not decreased. This has allowed us to realize that the modification has reduced the man-hours required for duplicate registrations, whereas previously there were duplicate registrations in the management of business meetings.

Detail of the article:https://info.skyvisualeditor.com/case/transcosmos

Service provider : TerraSky Co., Ltd.
Service user : transcosmos inc.

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