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By posting media materials on the “Media Radar” portal site and utilizing the batch download function, the number of business negotiations is soaring!

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【 Summary 】

Nikoli Inc. is a 40-year-old publisher specializing in puzzles and has been engaged in the puzzle contents business in parallel with the publishing business of puzzle magazines. In 2021, the company also started a puzzle ASP business.
The company had originally acquired leads through exhibitions, but the number of exhibitions had decreased due to the Corona disaster, and when they were looking for other measures, they learned about “Media Radar” and decided to introduce it. Exhibitions cost at least 1 million yen per exhibition regardless of the number of leads acquired, but with Media Radar, the cost is only for the number of leads acquired, and leads can be acquired constantly. In addition, since many of the leads are from customers who are already interested, the probability of leading to business negotiations is high, allowing for efficient sales, which is extremely helpful for the company, which does not have a large number of employees.
The number of downloads did not increase when the site was first posted, but after the batch download service was launched, the number of downloads increased tenfold, and the number of business negotiations has been climbing steadily. In the case of bulk downloads, many customers are eager to collect as much information as possible, and in some cases, they have already had business negotiations with other companies listed on the site, so the barrier to new business negotiations is low.

Detail of the article:https://media-radar.jp/contents/case/nikoli?fbclid=IwAR0m8FAhPRs0lpBEIfBZXGAqiv7-Q0vBOR1UbuihOxiUO8AajaxkPs619cg

Service provider : EYEZ,INC.
Service user : NIKOLI Co., Ltd.

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