【 admage®, an affiliate system offered in the cloud | Case Study】

Developed an affiliate system for BtoB using the affiliate system “admage®”. Aiming to expand the BtoB affiliate market.

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【 Summary 】

 As a sales BPO company specializing in outbound business with three main business divisions: Call Center Division, Door-to-Door Sales Division, and BPO Division, iStation, Inc. sells a variety of commercial products, mainly for corporate clients.
 The company wanted to expand its client companies and business areas. At the time, sales were primarily conducted through the company’s call center, but since the phone book was limited and it was difficult to provide visual explanations, the company decided to utilize the Web. The company chose affiliate marketing as a way to do this, but there were very few ASPs that handled BtoB-oriented products, and the market was small. Therefore, the company decided to develop its affiliate system and commissioned Dimage Share Inc. to develop it. Since Dimage Share Inc. offers an affiliate system called “admage®,” which is a cloud-based system, this system was introduced.
 they will measure the effects of the system in the future, as it has only just been introduced, but they have communicated their requests to the system and feel that they will be able to achieve what they wanted to do when they introduced the system.

Detail of the article:https://admage.jp/casestudies/casestudy007/

Service provider : Dimage Share Inc.
Service user : i-station, Inc.

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