【 New Business Consulting | Case Study】

New business consulting services were introduced to speed up new business development. Of 10 quality appointments, 50% (5 companies) became ongoing projects.

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【 Summary 】

 Hitachi Systems, Ltd. is a major manufacturer-affiliated Sler that focuses on the partner business to “N-fold” its business by collaborating with a wide variety of companies. In particular, Gateway for Business Cloud (GWBC), which realizes a multi-cloud environment, was a business that had to be launched as soon as possible because of the prior investment in the cloud environment.
 As for the new business consulting service they introduced this time, it was not like consulting in a good way. The project flow was to formulate a hypothesis of potential target segments for the product, make appointments, and accompany the client on the sales trip together. And they felt that a good point was to listen to the real voices of the actual field. In the past, they thought it would be better to outsource to an external company if they wanted to speed up the process because it takes a long time to develop new business, so they hired a company that does lead generation from web marketing and obtained 100 leads, but the quality was not good. They thought that mass acquisition was not the right approach for this new project.
 In this project, only 10 companies were acquired, but of those, half 5 became ongoing proposal projects. By proceeding with the project based on a hypothesis, they were able to obtain good quality leads, unlike an appointment agency.

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Service provider : Stella Associa Inc.
Service user : Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

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